We welcome any kind of feedback regarding Konclude sent to support(at)konclude(dot)com.
We are especially interested to hear your opinion for the following issues:

  • Are you satisfied with Konclude's performance?
  • Which features do you want to see in newer versions of Konclude?
  • Are you interested in additional interface options?
  • What is your experience with the parallelisation of Konclude?

Bug Reports

Konclude is in an early development stage and probably still contains some bugs. If you detect an unexpected/strange behaviour, please report it to support(at)konclude(dot)com.
Please describe your platform, the used version of Konclude and how the bug has been produced. You may also attach the logging output of Konclude, the ontology and the OWLlink request file/command line parameters/source code for which the bug can reproduced. Thank you very much for your help.

Difficult Ontologies

We are also interested in difficult ontologies that cannot be easily handled by Konclude. We will include all submitted ontologies into our evaluation framework and it is not unlikely that we will develop optimisation techniques that make the handling more efficient (we are doing this for quite some time for all ontologies that we have found on the web). Furthermore, we can possibly recommend configuration options for Konclude such that the processing of your ontology is improved significantly.