Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Konclude with Protégé?

In principle this is possible. However, as of now this is not a reasonable way to use Konclude because of various reasons. First, this is a two-step process at the moment (requires to start up Konclude separately). Second, Konclude does not yet support all requests typically required for seamless usage with Protégé (such as fillers of object properties). Third, performance is known to be bad (not optimized so far; requires intermediate serialization of axioms, etc.). For urgent cases: You first have to manually download and install the Protégé Plugin from the OWLlink API. Then you have to start Konclude as an OWLlink Server (see OWLlink usage option). Within Protégé you have to select "OWLlink HTTPXML" reasoner.

Known Issues

For the current version of Konclude, the following issues and bugs are known:

    • Possibly, some memory is not released for queries and knowledge bases. Thus, if Konclude is running out of memory after creating and releasing many knowledge bases or after the processing of many queries, then you may have to restart Konclude.