ContextGuide Use-Case: Semantic Support-Database

The traditional search within technical articles inevitabley leads to many irrelevant hits when using common or ambiguous search terms. When using to specific as well as just the "wrong" terms there will be no search matches at all. ContextGuide, by contrast, can meaningfully guide users proactively during querying by instantly analyzing the request and with the help of semantic representation of the articles. This approach is much more powerful than common auto-completion, because it can rule out meaningless suggestions and is sensible to synonyms as well as query refinement or generalization.


  • Independend from any application domain
  • Instant plausibility check (no query without any results)
  • Context sensitive query suggestions
  • Language independence
  • Sensible to synonyms
  • Possible to learn query phrases
  • Customizable to different types of users