ContextGuide: Finding Relevant Information

Business relevant Information often is encoded within articles, technical documents, presentations, pictures, podcasts, etc. Access to this knowledge is hampered by given standard search mechanisms which will not take the context and relationships of the data into account. These access mechanisms therefore don't "understand" the underlying data as well as user queries.

The ContexGuide approach adds meaningful cross-links amongst documents as well as to relevant concepts of the domain. This enables access to the document content — at a level of meaning and relationships — rather than just a keyword search. Identification of meaningful entities and crosslinking is supported by learning extraction procedures and annotation tools. The implemented semantic processing mechanisms and the custom-tailored user interfaces enable outstanding new options to access knowledge within data stores of companies and organizations.


  • Sophisticated user guidance
  • Context sensitive auto-completion
  • Filtering of meaningless queries
  • Multi-media support (documents, videos, etc.)