Our SPARQL-DL query engine is settled on top of the OWL API. The library is fully aligned with the OWL 2 standard and adds a SPARQL-DL interface to every OWL API 3 reasoner.

The SPARQL-DL query language is a distinct subset of SPARQL (a query language for RDF). The subset is tailored to ontology specific questions which typically come into focus when dealing with OWL. SPARQL-DL is a quite expressive language which particularly allows to mix TBox, RBox, and ABox queries. SPARQL-DL originally was introduced by Sirin and Parsia in 2007. We have extended the query language to cover all of OWL 2 and provide this query engine on top of the OWL API. Please refer to the sidebar for information about the query syntax, query atoms, and example queries. Detailed code which shows how to apply the engine as well as usage examples can be found in the release package.

Please report any issues to sparql-dl(at)derivo(dot)de.


Learn more about our SPARQL-DL engine:


Our library implementing SPARQL-DL for OWL API 3 is available under the LGPL license Version 3: