OWLlink Protocol

The Web Ontology Language (OWL) enables applications to meaningfully process information. Besides a language standard for ontologies like OWL, this requires also a standard way to interact with components which supply reasoning or other services. OWLlink adds this latter piece of the ontology infrastructure by providing an extensible protocol for communication with OWL reasoning systems.

As main authors of the protocol we are offering first-hand application support for OWLlink. Furthermore, we provide the following reference implementations to the community.


The OWLlink API implements OWLlink on top of the Java-based OWL API. Besides providing an interface to access remote OWLlink reasoning engines, it turns any OWL API aware reasoner into an OWLlink server.

OWLlink Protégé Plug-In

The OWLlink Protégé 4.1 Plug-in provides access to OWLlink servers from within the OWL ontology editor Protégé.



Juli 2010

W3C Member Submission

November 2009

OWLlink 1.0