Supported OWLlink Features

Konclude accepts OWLlink requests using the OWL 2 XML serialization either via HTTP (cf. OWLlink HTTP/XML Binding) or via command line as input file. Currently, the following OWLlink commands are supported by Konclude:

Reasoner and KB Management

  • GetDescription
  • CreateKB
  • GetSettings
  • Set
  • ReleaseKB
  • Tell
  • LoadOntologies
  • Classify
  • Realize

Queries, KB Entities, and KB Status

  • GetAllObjectProperties
  • GetAllIndividuals
  • GetAllClasses
  • IsKBSatisfiable
  • GetKBLanguage

Queries about Classes and Individuals

  • IsClassSatisfiable
  • GetSubClasses
    (for atomic concepts/named classes only)
  • GetSuperClasses
    (for atomic concepts/named classes only)
  • GetEquivalentClasses
    (for atomic concepts/named classes only)
  • GetSubClassHierarchy
  • GetSameIndividuals
  • GetTypes
  • GetFlattenedTypes
  • GetInstances
    (for atomic concepts/named classes only)
  • GetFlattenedInstances
    (for atomic concepts/named classes only)


OWLlink Resources