Theses at derivo GmbH

The derivo GmbH has its origin at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Ulm University and is still in close contact with its research group in order to be able to bring newest scientific results into the development of practical products and solutions. Based on this relationship we offer collaborative thesis topics.

In case you are interested in one of the following topics please contact Dr. Thorsten Liebig at derivo GmbH or Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm at Ulm University.

  • Usage and evaluation of relational as well as NoSQL Databases for Semantic Technology
  • 2D/3D visualization with HTML5
  • Open and Linked Opend Data with RDFS and OWL
  • Design and implementation of algorithms in the context of Labeled Property Graphs or the RDF graph model
  • Application and optimization of rule-based reasoning algorithms in industrial applications